The Higher Business School is an institution of higher education which by performing its activities combines educational and research work as a part of a unique process of higher education. The School was established in 1975. as the school of trade and catering according  to the Law of Higher Education. The decision of the Republican Committee for the education, at the meeting held on the second and third of June in 2007, was to give the Higher Business School the accreditation and now Higher Business School in Leskovac is accredited institution. The School offers undergraduate and graduate studies in the field of social sciences and humanities and technical and technological sciences. The school realizes the following study programs: Finance and Banking, Management in Business, Tourism and Hospitality and Food Technology and Gastronomy Management on the first level of studies (undergraduate studies) as well as the study program Business Economics and Management as the second level of studies (graduate studies).

The study program Finance and Banking is a modern and internationally evaluated study program complies with the needs of the market, and provides students with knowledge about the functioning of the banking system, banking practices, regulations, procedures and techniques of business in the sphere of commercial and investment banking, functioning of financial markets and risk management.

The study program Management in Business is contemporary and internationally evaluated study program complies with the needs of the market, which prepare students for a wide range of management tasks in economic, financial, non-profit organizations and public sector organizations as well as for the application of concepts, techniques and tools used in planning, organizing, leading and controlling of business processes.

The study program Tourism and Hospitality is a practical and internationally evaluated study program complies with the needs of the market, provides students with the knowledge and skills and develop competencies to perform tasks in tourism, hospitality, passenger transport, and conference business, organization of fairs, exhibitions and other major events and developments.

The study program Business Economics and Management is a specialized program and has a clearly defined purpose and role in the education system. The program is designed to monitor and implement educational innovations, above all, the basic directions of development of higher education in our country and European educational standards. Program specialist professional studies Business Economics and Management, above all, respect the criteria of quality, flexibility and efficiency of the education process. In this program is to integrate knowledge of management principles with the modern approach to production and services in order to ensure successful managers at manufacturing and service companies and other institutions.

Since the academic year 2015/2016, the School has been organizing the new Program entitled Food technology and gastronomy management. This program trains individual or industry professionals seeking to advance their careers. This program prepares students for middle and upper level management positions in the broad realms of hotels, resorts, restaurants, food service, tourism and gastronomy related fields. It covers food and agriculture, nutrition and health, food technology, tourism, hospitality and gastronomy.

The main objective of the new study programs is the integration of the School into a unique European educational area and for the purpose of following the contemporary trends in the development of higher education and economics, the School constantly updates its curriculum and syllabi, adopts new study literature, enlarges library holdings and calls for the constant improvement of the teaching staff.

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To whom it may concern,

It is my great honour and pleasure to introduce activities of the Higher Business School in Leskovac, the government institution with 40 years of experience whose school programs are accredited by the competent authorities of the Republic of Serbia and which comply with the modern requirements and needs of both the economy and society.

All educational institutions, including the Higher Business School in Leskovac has a key role, both for the development of education and the development of society through fulfilling its mission by conducting basic and additional programs and projects. The development and growth of the Higher Business School shows a high degree of correlation with the development primarily of direct economic environment, and then the city of Leskovac and the whole socio-economic milieu of the country.

It also gives us great pleasure to emphasize the fact that we have realized many important items from the planned mission. The primary goal of the Higher Business School in Leskovac is to provide a quality education, based on modern programs of study in line with trends in European education as well as to take an active participation in regional, national economic and social development.

This mission is accomplished by conducting appropriate program activities and implementation of projects. As an institution that is continuously developing and improving the practical knowledge, skills and abilities of students, it is intended for all those who care about their educational, personal and professional development. This is something that can be confirmed by our graduates and current students.

Higher Business School in Leskovac, as a socially responsible higher educational institution is going to continue with the integration of European education trends in their educational processes, promoting the highest values ​​of a society – knowledge, expertise and work culture.


PhD Milena Marjanovic, Professor.

Dean of the Higher Business School in Leskovac

Higher Business School in Leskovac has a successful long-term cooperation with foreign educational institutions. The cooperation started with the Higher School of Business and Commerce Celje from Slovenia in 2001. Numerous contacts and mutual visits and international conferences have been performed in order to modernize curricula, organize professional practice and follow modern trends in the European system of education. In cooperation with the school the Higher School of Business and Commerce Celje is preparing and implementing the project under the ERASMUS program.

The Cooperation in the evaluation of curricula have been established with the University of Greenwich (University of Greenwich) from London. The result of this long-standing cooperation is a positive evaluation of the curriculum presented at the Business School in Leskovac by the Business School (Business School) at the University of Greenwich.

The positive evaluation of curricula at the three-year studies Higher Business School Leskovac received by the Handelshøgskolen i Bodø (Bodø Graduate School of Business) by Higher Business School, which is located within a regional university in the Norwegian city of Bodø, the administrative center of the Norwegian landscape Nordland.

Higher business school in Leskovac has established cooperation with other foreign educational institutions such as:

  • ATE/ Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
  • Hellenic Republic Ministry of Tourism
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ GmbH)
  • Univerzitet Sv. Kliment Ohridski – Bitola
  • Saint Petersburg State Forest Technical University

Higher Business School in Leskovac is one of the partners in the international TEMPUS project „Modernization and harmonization of Tourism study programs in Serbia“, where in addition to domestic partners University of Greenwich, Technological Educational Institute of Piraeus and USAMVCN Romania are also included.

Higher Business School Leskovac develops international cooperation in order to provide:

  • training of more students;
  • retention of young professionals in the region;
  • the inclusion of ethnic groups in the process of higher education, attracting a large number of students from neighboring countries in the region;
  • the education of students by modern study programs; creation and training of young professionals to be actively involved in local and European institutions and play a significant role in the processes of regional and European integration process and take an active role in the programs of regional socio-economic development.

Higher Business School in Leskovac

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