To whom it may concern,

It is my great honour and pleasure to introduce activities of the Higher Business School in Leskovac, the government institution with 40 years of experience whose school programs are accredited by the competent authorities of the Republic of Serbia and which comply with the modern requirements and needs of both the economy and society.

All educational institutions, including the Higher Business School in Leskovac has a key role, both for the development of education and the development of society through fulfilling its mission by conducting basic and additional programs and projects. The development and growth of the Higher Business School shows a high degree of correlation with the development primarily of direct economic environment, and then the city of Leskovac and the whole socio-economic milieu of the country.

It also gives us great pleasure to emphasize the fact that we have realized many important items from the planned mission. The primary goal of the Higher Business School in Leskovac is to provide a quality education, based on modern programs of study in line with trends in European education as well as to take an active participation in regional, national economic and social development.

This mission is accomplished by conducting appropriate program activities and implementation of projects. As an institution that is continuously developing and improving the practical knowledge, skills and abilities of students, it is intended for all those who care about their educational, personal and professional development. This is something that can be confirmed by our graduates and current students.

Higher Business School in Leskovac, as a socially responsible higher educational institution is going to continue with the integration of European education trends in their educational processes, promoting the highest values ​​of a society – knowledge, expertise and work culture.


PhD Milena Marjanovic, Professor.

Dean of the Higher Business School in Leskovac